[lead]Who are our customers for wire and cable termination? Companies whose wiring needs requires a perfect, clean, reliable strip or crimp, every time. In addition to streamlining their manufacturing operations, many companies use our products for ergonomic benefits of their employees, aiding prevention of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Motion Disorder.[/lead]


Our unique wire-stripping devices are ergonomically designed to minimize repetitive motion, increase productivity and deliver a precision strip every time. Specifically designed for Mil Spec and SAE AS series cable formats, our strippers offer die-type blades for Kapton®, Kynar®, Teflon®, and Tefzel® in extruded and tape-wrapped constructions. We also manufacture dies for commercial requirements including fiber optic, multi-conductor, flat, shielded, and fiberglass insulated cables.

Our precision self-aligning blades deliver perfect, consistent, and reliable strips – this means no nicks or scrapes to the conductor and a clean insulation cut. Our tools require minimal wire breakout on multi-conductor and jacket-shielded cables. Special circumferential guides locate and grip the wire without deforming, damaging, or flattening the insulation as parallel grippers do. We offer both hand help and bench-mounted solutions to best suit your wire stripping needs. The strippers are designed to run on standard shop air.

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We offer portable tools for crimping aerospace and commercial wire connectors. The tools have precision crimping dies made of hardened tool steel, adjustable insulation support crimp, and a ratchet jaw, which holds the connector in place for easy insertion of wire.

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We use hardened tool steels for extended blade life, and have carbide blades for special application. All our blades are interchangeable, and can be customized for your specific needs.

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