[lead]To make the best products, you have to have the best tools. We make exotic, high-precision tools with 95% of the work done in house. This enables us to ensure the highest quality at every turn, while allowing for smoother project management. It also reduces production time, which saves on labor and shipping costs.[/lead]

[lead]Our tooling capabilities predominantly fall in two main categories:[/lead]


If you’re in the aerospace industry, you demand quality, precision, and reliable, timely delivery. Our extensive experience in this industry, primarily with Boeing, has given us the understanding to serve our aerospace clients in a way no other tooling company can.

Some examples of tooling projects for aerospace include: Boring fixtures and drill jigs; positioning and locating jigs and fixtures; hand router fixtures; laser alignment tools; torque, lift and hold, lock and support tools; pressure and hydraulic test kits; installation tool kits and fixtures; scaffolding; and specialty electrical boxes


Our industrial tooling clients range from microelectronics companies supplying products for tech giants such as Samsung, Panasonic, and Apple, to fiber optics, to the medical device manufacturing industry.

We’re no cookie cutter tooling company, and we understand the diverse needs of the industrial market. If you’ve got a complicated project, or a brand new product design you need to make a reality, you can trust Western Industrial Tooling to deliver.

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