[lead]From milling, grinding, wire EDM, sinker EDM, to jig grinding, to state-of-the-art 5 simultaneous axis machining, Western Industrial Tooling truly is a one-stop-shop. Our molds, all made in house, have complete interchangeability, part-to-part and mold-to-mold. You can rely on our products to perform, and stand the test of time to deliver millions of shots.[/lead]

[lead]Our mold manufacturing capabilities primarily fall in the following industries:[/lead]

Medical Device Manufacturers

The molding needs of the medical industry are some of the most demanding, but we have experience with the level of precision and interchangeability this industry requires.

Micro Electronics & Semiconductor Manufacturing

We specialize in molds for the manufacturing of microchips in the microelectronics industry.

Plastic, Silicon, & Ceramic Injection Molds

We provide injection mold services no matter what your requirements may be, from single-cavity prototype tooling to multi-cavity high production fiber optic tooling requiring complete product design.

Some of our specialties are: Industrial plastics molds or plastic injection molds, Tools, We also do Optical Lens, Lens arrays, A spherical, Toroidal, Ellipsoidal, Twin lenses, Tilted, Relay mirrors, as small as 250 microns in diameter. Complex, high speed hard milling using the materials: Ultem, Polycarbonate and Acrylic.

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