Western Industrial Tooling: Who We Are



What began in 1969 with Austrian master toolmaker Ernst Buchmayer’s dedication to precision tooling has evolved into Western Industrial Tooling (WIT) today – a company that seeks not only to sell world-class products, but in doing so to empower their customers.

“We believe only when the right people, equipment, and mindset come together can precise and consistent tooling solutions be created, which results in the best manufactured products.”

When employees believe in the vision of Western Industrial Tooling, they commit to continual improvement and deliver outstanding value. Our management team listens intently to customers and to each other in order to fully understand and solve each customer’s problems. WIT is unique in that each of our employees has multiple responsibilities, from project manager to machinist, turning each project into an authentic team effort and taking full advantage of each team member’s strength as well as our capability as a

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